Every Day Life At Safe Haven!




3/4/2014                            1st. Annual Safe Haven Redneck Games

We are currently working on this event to be held in June 2014 at Safe Haven.  We will have a ticket booth where you can purchase tickets to play the games. Prices will be announced as well as the line up of events as we get it all organized.  We will also be having a Live Country/Western/Southern Rock band that will be free to the public to enjoy.  This will be a family orientated fun filled day with no alcohol allowed. Games, Events, and Horse rides will take tickets but Music will be free.  Some of the events that are planned include.....

Chili Cook-off (entry fee) Prize money will be half of all entry fee

Beauty Contest (entry fee) for best dressed cowboy/cowgirl or all ages. 

Best Tattoo-(entry fee)

Horse Rides

Pickle Spittin' Contest

Tug of war

Toilet Seat Toss

Tater Relay

Bail out a friend ( volunter will be arrested and has to make bail then gets to arrest someone in the audience. baliff sets bail amount)

Bobbin' for Pickled Pigs Feet

Redneck Bowlin'

Pie Throwin'

Fireman's Drag Beauty Contest

Dunkin' Booth

Raw Egg Toss

Consession Stand

Yard Sale

Bring a lawn chair and enjoy a fun filled day and make some lasting memories. 

Will post applications for Beauty Contest, Chili Cook -off and other events as we get them ready or you can register the day of the event 30 minutes prior to event at Safe Haven. 

If you would like to volunteer or have items you would like to donate for the yard sale, or just have an idea or need more information, feel free to contact Tamara @ (304) 545-7463 or by email at SafeHavenHorseRescueofWV@gmail.com.



Hot Dog Sale

11am-4pm  Dollar Tree of Elkview, WV 

We will be set up in front of Dollar Tree in Elkview, WV selling hot dogs, chips, and drinks.  We will also be selling 50/50 tickets.  Tickets cost $1 each and whatever money we take in from the 50/50, some lucky person will win half.  You don't have to be present to win.  Come help us raise money to build a barn for the rescue horses.  Hope t see you all there.  

Tamara (304) 545-7463  or Chrystal (304) 935-4012


Horse Rides

5-8 pm

$5 per ride.  Come & ride our show horses and help us raise money for the rescue horses and to build a barn.

Tamara @ (304) 545-7463 or Chyrstal (304) 935-4012